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é Before Its Too Late (Detective Inspector Will Jackman #1) Ä Download by ↠´ Jane Isaac First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Jane Isaac, and Legend Press for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.
In my first experience with an Isaac novel, I found myself captivated from the outset of this stellar psychological thriller After Chinese student Min Li goes missing in Stratford upon Avon while walking alone, DI Will Jackman is asked to open a missing person s investigation Jackman is recently back on the job after a horrible accident left his wife in a coma, with little hope of waking, which weighs heavily on his mind, though he is determined to return to the workforce While Jackman and his team begin piecing together leads, a ransom demand arrives, is paid, but Min is still nowhere to be foun Coming from Warwickshire myself I always like to read books set locally so I was pleased to pick up this crime procedural set in Stratford upon Avon, only 25 miles from where I live As the action moved between Stratford, Northampton, Leamington and Birmingham it was fun to pick out all the landmarks and routes that are mentioned Chinese Student Min Li has disappeared and D I Will Jackman is appointed to solve the case Is there a link between her disappearance and that of another young local girl a couple of weeks previously When a further student goes missing Jackman knows he is going to come under pressure to solve the case quickly.
The story, for me, seemed to have something of a slow start but then really picked up for the second part which I really enjoyed That was the point at which the main suspect started to come under suspicion and I realised that this wasn t an open a I Concentrated Hard, Desperately Listening For Something Familiar, The Sound Of Life I Heard Nothing Just My Own Breaths And The Wind, Whistling Through Branches Above The Thought Made Me Shiver I Am Buried AliveFollowing An Argument With Her British Boyfriend, Chinese Student Min Li Is Abducted Whilst Walking The Dark Streets Of Picturesque Stratford Upon Avon Alone Trapped In A Dark Pit, Min Is At The Mercy Of Her Captor Detective Inspector Will Jackman Is Tasked With Solving The Case And In His Search For Answers Discovers That The Truth Is Buried Deeper Than He Ever Expected But, As Another Student Vanishes And Min Grows Ever Weaker, Time Is Running Out Can Jackman Track Down The Kidnapper, Before It S Too Late Before It s Too Late is the second novel I ve now read from the pen of Jane Isaac and once again I enjoyed her book immensely.
Set in areas I know around the Midlands, we re introduced to a new character, DI Jackman A very likable character protagonist who I would want fighting my cause in my corner Not that I want to get into trouble or anything A married detective with one daughter, he has a backstory that is both sad and touching To say would be too much so I ll leave that bit there.
The book starts out with the kidnapping of a young Chinese college student, Min Li, who has come to the UK to further her studies and gain some valuable experience in the big wide world She has made lots of friends, has a boyfriend, is popular and a lovely girl to have around Thrown into a dark pit in what seems like the middle of nowhere she cannot Oh I couldn t wait to read the latest book by Jane Isaacs, so when the proof book for review came through the post, I know this book isn t out yet, but I HAD to read it This is just intense, just so intense We have this girl trapped, she is in such a small hole, I felt so bad for her, I could hardly breathe just reading it I was imagining the dirt, the aches and pains she had where she couldn t stretch out You know, then I thought, I wouldn t feel like that if the author didn t write so well and MAKE me feel this way Jane Isaacs has a wonderful way of keeping the suspense going Before you know where you are, you are actually IN the book Your world around you takes on a blur, well, mine did I m not giving the game away Before It s Too Late by Jane IsaacThank you to Netgalley and Legend Press for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Detective Inspector Will Jackman is investigating the disappearance and murder of Ellen Readman, a 22 year old that disappeared on her way to visit her aunt He receives a call that another missing person misper has been reported a 20 year old female exchange student from China named Min Li He is taken off his current investigation of Readman and placed on the new misper case His boss Superintendent Alison Janus believes this new case will be high profile due to the international connection with China, and the department is beginning to suspect a serial killer So begins the story of DI Will Jackman and Min Li The novel is well written and paced ni I received a copy of this book off Net Galley in exchange for a honest review.
I enjoyed this book in large parts and overall it was a good solid novel but it failed to hold my interest totally and at times I didn t care what happened in the story Maybe I have been spoilt as I have read a few exceptional novels really and this failed to live up to them.
I felt that the novel started well but then drifted along and failed to capitalise on the good start Slow at times and certainly drawn out and I even predicted the finish.
A good read but not a classic.

My View Jane Isaac is a fabulous writer I enjoyed her last book, The Truth Will Out and found this new release even enjoyable Her characters are the everyday, the people you might casually know or bump into in the supermarket, or at school, or friends or a friend Her writing takes the ordinary every day person and manipulates their life when they are touched by an extraordinary event In this case we have a birthday drinks and an argument between lovers that has dire consequences for several of the characters, their lives will never be the same again There are plenty of opportunities to reflect the what ifs , what if I had turned back and kept walking , what if I had gone back inside what if Life s direction can be changed so quickly, without thought A brilliant op I am against the general public so far with this book, mostly getting five star reviews I think it s because I read a lot of crime with similar themes abduction, kidnapping that I am able to compare and sift the REALLY good from the average This book I put at just above average compared to others I have read that have thrilled me from page oneI am buried alive.
Following an argument with her British boyfriend, Chinese student Min Li is abducted whilst walking the dark streets of picturesque Stratford upon Avon alone.
Trapped in a dark pit, Min is at the mercy of her captor Detective Inspector Will Jackman is tasked with solving the case and in his search for answers discovers that the truth is buried deeper than he ever expected.
But, as another student vanishes and Min grows ever weaker, time is running out Can Jackman track down the k With The Truth Will Out , Jane established herself as a confident and strong crime writer A writer to look out for She gained a big fan in me I could not wait to get my hands on her latest novel Before It s Too Late.
The book introduces us to Detective Inspector Will Jackman, an extremely likeable workaholic copper Jackman is put in charge of a high profile missing person case A Chinese student has disappeared on her way home from the pub in the beautiful Stratford upon Avon, following a row with her boyfriend We see Min Li held captive in a pit, alone and afraid It seems that time is running out for Min, as the search gathers pace and another student goes missing.
From the first page, I was completely and utterly fascinated by Min Li I loved the way we got insight into her life in China and her culture, as well a