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☆ Read Û Astrobiology: A Brief Introduction by Kevin W. Plaxco ¾ Emphasizing The Biochemical Nature Of Astrobiology, This Book Examines The Origin Of The Chemical Elements, The Events Behind The Developments That Made Our Universe Habitable, And The Ongoing Sustenance Of Life It Also Explores Life In Extreme Habitats, Potential Extraterrestrial Habitats, And The Search For Extraterrestrial Life Fascinating read spanning physics, astrophysics, chemistry, micro biology, climates, geology, biology and evolution The best examination of the components of the Drake equation I ve ever read.
A bit heavy on the scientific details for readers without a scientific background.
Plaxco is a strong introduction to astrobiology, an undergraduate level textbook that is on the science side of popular science Defining life as a self replicating chemical system capable of evolving such that such that it s offspring might be better suited for survival , Plaxco and Gross launch into a history of life on Earth from the Big Bang, and the prospects for the future discovery of life.
As a chemist, Plaxco is biased towards chemistry as the most important part of the question about life Starting from the fundamental constants of the universe, he argues that elemental abundance and the energy required for chemical reactions means that life will likely be carbon based and require liquid water From that, the chemistry gets rather complex The Miller Urey primordial sludge experiments show that amino acids are spontaneously generated from

Professor Plaxco was a guest speaker in my Origins class today and he gave an absolutely compelling lecture on astrobiology Sure it was, y know, a little on the blue side to hear about the near infinitesimal chances of finding other lifeforms in the universe, in addition to the nightmarish thought of self replicating nanomachines that may will someday destroy us and take over the planet But it was still awesome.
This book contains a fair amount of information However, I feel that the author held back on particular details of things, because it just seems to be missing something that feeling is not from a lack of understanding on my behalf.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Astrobiology: A Brief Introduction book, this is one of the most wanted Kevin W. Plaxco author readers around the world.