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Ç Angelmaker ¹ Download by ☆ Nick Harkaway It would be tempting to say that Joe Spork lived a quiet, unremarkable life until he was pulled into an attempt to stop a mad South Asian dictator from unleashing a 1950s clockwork doomsday device by a retired octogenarian super spy named Edie Banister Tempting, but not quite accurate, since Joe is the son of the infamous Matthew Tommy Gun Spork, who kept fashionable crime and the honourable lifestyle of the gangster alive long after it should have faded into obscurity Joe has turned his back on his father s life of crime and taken up his grandfather s trade watchmaking but it s not enough to keep him from becoming involved in much larger, bizarre affairs.
Angelmaker is a chimera of a novel The core of the story is a spy thriller, with homages to the golden era of James Bond and On paper it looks perfect Steam punk, romance, spy novel, comedy, action All the reviews promised something I would love But I struggled through this fun, thrilling yarn like I struggle through some dense academic volumes There were just too many words Harkaway goes on and on in that typical British style that s funny for a page but then gets tiring and all the dialogues read like a Monty Python scriptI shall now explain my plan You may then speak, but only to amend the detail The broad outline is not subject to negotiation Are you ready Good I propose to have sex with you I believe it will be excellent sex Your obedience on one particular issue of timing will be required to make it unforgettable sex I will explain Joe Spork Repairs Clocks, A Far Cry From His Late Father, A Flashy London Gangster But When Joe Fixes One Particularly Unusual Device, His Life Is Suddenly Upended Joe S Client, Edie Banister, Is Than Just A Kindly Old Lady She S A Former Superspy And The Device It S A S Doomsday Machine And Having Triggered It, Joe Now Faces The Wrath Of Both The Government And A Diabolical South Asian Dictator, Edie S Old Arch Nemesis This book is crazy It is all over the place And yet it hangs together, better than I thought Harkaway s previous book The Gone Away World did I enjoyed The Gone Away World even though I didn t think the story, in the end, quite jelled This one did, and I loved it Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.
In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook I wish I could write the review this book deserves, as Nick Harkaway not his real name wrote the review that Neal Stephenson s Reamd deserved the one I was in the process of writing in my head Stephenson s book was an action novel taken to absurd lengths, a nonstop global car boat bike chase firefight populated by real characters, most of whom you had to fall in love with Ergo, I think it s no coincidence that Harkaway still not his real name felt he had some solid ground upon which to stand while surveying the fatness of Reamd.
Angelmaker is leaner, sprawls less, but is similarly packed with spies and murderers and gangsters who run and drive and use weapons, and they re all real people Well Some of them are not A few of them are but no, I m not going to say.
It goes like this in 21st Following the resounding success of my Locus Quest, I faced a dilemma which reading list to follow it up with Variety is the spice of life, so I ve decided to diversify and pursue six different lists simultaneously This book falls into my GIFTS AND GUILTY list.
Regardless of how many books are already queued patiently on my reading list, unexpected gifts and guilt trips will always see unplanned additions muscling their way in at the front.
I have a friend called Justin true story a crazy, loveable Zimbabwean who wears board shorts and sandals, whatever the weather He has crazy dancing feet He can wear a bow tie and mean it He s a genius but not an evil one He s also a spy.
When Justin finished his degree in Maths he had an interview with the foreign office He claims nothing came of it, but nobody believes him In the years I was supposed to have written a review of Nick Harkaway s Angelmaker for Kirkus last week but I just couldn t finish the book.
In principle, I should have loved this heck, I had hoped Angelmaker would be so good it would even feature on my top 10 this year It s an outlandish Literary Fantasy novel featuring automata, London based gangsters, World War II shenanigans and espionage with a plot to destroy the world using clockwork bees.
But an extremely bloated plot with obnoxiously verbose descriptions of pretty much everything the main characters come across as they wander around plus a recently discovered aversion for third person first tense narratives unfortunately kept me from finishing the book.
It was the toe you see, that eventually did me in.
At one point in the narrative, main character Joe Spork is about to leave a room when he is stopped in his tracks b

I m torn on this one For every dazzling section that Nick Harkaway writes that is cool, unpredictable, lively and just awesome, he then writes a section that is meandering, show offy and self indulgent It s too bad that he can t harness the greatness often as this would be an epic entertainment involving a wide assortment of characters and action But, he can t do that, as he goes on way too many off shoots that slow the pacing and are just not needed There is a re occurring theme I have with some of these young writers that I ve been reading lately as they try to write these big books with a lot of ideas, a lot of characters and a lot of themes EDIT yourself I m not sure what their editors are doing to be honest as had Harkaway cut out Nick Harkaway is a genius Be ready for a highly impartial minus the im reviewI almost just left the review like that, but I guess I ll add a few lines writing beautiful I gave this to a friend who only reads thrillers and mysteries Patterson, etc and it was too much for him in the prose department This is a good sign for me That means it wasn t garbage Okay, that s not fair, but it does mean that it had colorful prose, which it does.
humor hilarious.
It s just about perfect Mixed with the gorgeous prose, the subtle humor had me cracking up left and right even though for the most part it s a serious piece i.
, not Terry Pratchett satire.
story intriguing.
A mix of mystery and some minor fantastical elements comes together in a wonderful story that is actually quite straight forward 5 out of 5 stars Can t recommend Harkaway enough I usually only mark as to read books I own, but on seeing that Nick Harkaway has a second novel due out there is absolutely no doubt I m going to read it No pressure, but The Gone Away World was not only one of the best debuts I ve ever read, but one of my all time favorite books.

Nick Harkaway was born in Cornwall, UK in 1972 He is possessed of two explosively exciting eyebrows, which exert an almost hypnotic attraction over small children, dogs, and thankfully one ludicrously attractive human rights lawyer, to whom he is married.He likes oceans, mountains, lakes, valleys, and those little pigs made of marzipan they have in Switzerland at new year.He does not like b