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Download Epub Format Ê Almost A Gentleman PDF by Ê Pam Rosenthal The premise of this book is completely ridiculous but its execution was a real pleasure to read.
In Regency uh, I think England, a young woman is spurred by a horrible tragedy to live as a man She s completely successful at it, too, and becomes a trendsetter That s the ridiculous part Everything else was terrific enough to allow me to successfully suspend my disbelief The characterization was complex and never tiresome, and the obstacles to the HEA were reasonable Romance lovers know that all too often a stupid misunderstanding keeps the hero and heroine apart for dozens or even hundreds of pages where if they d just had a 30 second conversation, the whole problem would ve been solved There are definitely some misunderstandings and hurt feelings in this book, but they re resolved by the main characters in ways that are shockingly mature and believable.
I It seemed like this story held a lot of promise, and the writing is skilful, but I decided fairly quickly into the book that the plot is completely implausible I never really understood why Phoebe decided to re enter society as a man after her tragic experience with the deaths of her children this didn t help with suspending my disbelief either There is very little development of the hero and heroine s feelings for each other they appear to be deeply in love after just a few very brief encounters in fact, the hero decides that Phoebe is the woman he wants as soon as he realizes that she s a woman So there is very little to involve the reader on an emotional level if you don t believe the plot and don t understand or feel the characters motivations, all that s left is the descriptive aspect of the story, which admittedly is quite good, but not enough for a romance.
Anachr Spare yourself the tedium of this novel if you are interested in intelligent, different romance Back when female writers hid behind male pseudonyms and dreamed of rooms of their own they could not know that they were spared having husbands and sons influence their novels This had already destroyed Elizabeth George, and while Lydia Joyce only sacrificed sexuality for it, Pam Rosenthal never even did without I m giving her the benefit of doubt when I say she might have intended to write an intelligent, different type of romance and just failed completely The plot of the heroine dressed as a man and the hero fancying that seemed outrageous to some readers, except it s pathetically non shown in the book Georgette Heyer had such masquerades played out over longer periods of time, with lovely Very enjoyable But you ll need to suspend disbelief about a woman disguising herself as a man.
STORY BRIEF Phoebe was married to Henry an abusive man One day in anger, Henry drove recklessly with Phoebe and their son Bryan The carriage overturned causing the deaths of Henry and Bryan Due to her grief and psychological wounds from abuse, Phoebe faked her own death and has pretended to be a man Mr Marston for the past three years She frequents mens clubs and is a successful gambler David is an earl His wife died 5 years ago He s usually busy with farming issues on his estates, but he periodically visits London When David is first introduced to Mr Marston, they both feel a magnetic attraction David is confused over his reaction to another man I just finished Almost A Gentleman by Pam Rosenthal and I did thoroughly enjoy that book The premise of a woman who dresses as a man and is not discovered is not a new one , but it is very well done in this particular book The heroine had a valid reason to do so , even , I have to admit , a bit too extreme , but a reason nevertheless The hero , refreshingly NOT a stunning stud in his prime , but a bit older than in the average novels ,seasoned and experienced , is well drawn out and very likable it is a romance novel after all.
The story line goes fluently and the writing style is a welcomed beautiful one The love scenes and there are a few are well done , seemedmature as both of the lovers are as well For some readers they might be too expletive , but I have to admit I enjoyed them There is a underlying mystery , blackma

You have to suspend some disbelief for this one, and I think some aspects are historically anachronistic For example, the titled hero secretly having married the lower class mother of his child without either of them giving up their way of life and living separately while raising their child and continuing their sexual relationship together But, okay The book does make it clear than David is very unusual and ethical for a man of his or any station at the time And I did appreciate how even this bizarrely egalitarian man acts a tad domineering chauvinistic a time or too And then he realizes it, admits he was in the wrong and apologizes That s much better than if he was just the Perfect Feminist Regency Duke And then there s the heroine living as a Pretty good overall Certainly an interesting and very different take on the girl pretending to be a boy theme Unfortunately, the execution was only average, and the romance didn t wow me But I d be curious to readfrom her, definitely Excellent writing, however premise and execution are flawed.
A woman masquerading as a boy man is, admittedly, not one of my favorite themes in any genre However, I have read an quite enjoyed a few Ashes in the Wind, These Old Shades are just two off the top of my head The thing about those two books, though, is that both Alaina s and Leonie s masquerades were out of necessity They were in danger and what better way to hide a young woman than to turn into a young boy In this book however, Phoebe was unable to experience woman s greatest joy therefore she eschews all parts of being a woman and becomes Phizz , a young, bored dandy As Phizz, she spends her days gambling, fencing, wearing exquisite clothes and generally being an arbiter of taste and fashion One word from Phizz and one could become the butt of jokes or be refused membership in exclusive men s clubs how Phi I was a bit worried about this one after reading the many 2 and 3 star reviews Upon completion, I must agree with seton s comments about it being a cerebral read It was a wonderful change of pace from the EC books that I had been reading for the past two weeks Enjoyed the writing and the story It was a bit of a role reversal with the characters Phizz Phoebe was the dominant character throughout the book, even going so far as to rescue herself at the end while the hero, David, remained completely in the dark as to the villain s identity Four stars for me.
A Daring Masquerade For Three Years, London S Haute Ton Has Been Captivated By The Cool Elegance Of Philip Phizz Marston Tall, Refined, An Expert Gambler With A Cold, Unerring Eye For Style, What Keeps The Ruthless Social Climbers Attuned To This Dandy S Every Move Is Something Unsettlinga Grace And Beauty That Leaves Women And Men Alike In A State Of Unthinkable Yearning Will Be Deliciously Undressed Lord David Hervey Must Be Losing His Mind How Else Explain The Disturbing Desires He Feels Whenever His Eyes Meet The Penetrating Gaze Of Mr Marston When He Overhears A Threat On The Gentleman S Life, He Intervenes And Alone Discovers The Glorious Truthneath The Bindings Of Mr Marston S Masquerade Hides An Exquisite Body That Is Every Bit A Woman S And Every Hidden Desire, Revealed Armed With Desire And Entrusted With Her Bold Game, Lord David Won T Give Up Till The Lady Gives In, Revealing Herself To Him Completely, Surrendering Her Deepest Secrets With Every Persuasive Pleasure He Can Offer

Pam Rosenthal also writes erotic fiction under the pseudonym