[ Read Online All the Money in the World: previously published as Painfully Rich (English Edition) È fitness PDF ] by John Pearson  sro-spb.pro

[ Read Online All the Money in the World: previously published as Painfully Rich (English Edition) È fitness PDF ] by John Pearson  Detailed account of J Paul Getty and his offspring He was a financial genius and emotionally crippled His multiple wives and children were victims of his indifference He analyzed his business ventures but not the damage he was doing to his family Author s research and writing style keeps the reader engaged I recommend this book.
Inspired By The Most Infamous Incident Involving The Getty Family Now A Major Film Directed By Ridley Scott, Starring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Williams And Oscar Nominee Christopher PlummerOil Tycoon J Paul Getty Created The Greatest Fortune In America And Came Close To Destroying His Own Family In The Process Of His Four Sons Who Reached Manhood, Only One Survived Relatively Unscathed One Killed Himself, One Became A Drug Addicted Recluse And The Third Had To Bear The Stigma All His Life Of Being Disinherited In ChildhoodThe Unhappiness Continued Into The Next Generation, With The Name Getty, As One Journalist Put It, Becoming Synonymous For Family Dysfunction Getty S Once Favourite Grandson John Paul Getty III Was Kidnapped By The Italian Mafia Who Cut Off His Ear To Raise A Ransom And, After A Lifetime Of Drink And Drugs, Became A Paraplegic His Granddaughter Aileen Has AIDS And The Getty Family Itself Has Been Torn Apart By Litigation Over Their Poisoned InheritanceBut Did The Disaster Have To Happen John Pearson, Who Has Specialized In Biographies Of Families As Varied As The Churchills, The British Royal Family, The Devonshires And The Krays, Sets Out To Find The Answer The Result, First Published In , Is A Fascinating Saga Of An Extraordinary DynastyHe Traces Much Of The Trouble To The Bizarre Character Of The Avaricious, Sex Obsessed Billionaire, J Paul Getty Himself And Demonstrates How Much Of His Behaviour Has Been Repeated In Succeeding Generations He Describes The Famous Kidnapping Of His Grandson In Graphic Detail, Revealing How The Old Man S Attitude Added Considerably To The Boy S Sufferings And He Shows How The Family Has Coped With The Latest Modern Scourges Drugs And AIDSForAll The Money In The World Is Not A Hopeless Story While Some Of The Family Have Been Damaged By The Getty Legacy, Others Have Saved Themselves From Disaster, Most Notably The Cricket Loving Philanthropist, J Paul Getty Jr Pearson S Moving Story Of His Recovery From Drugs And Deep Personal Tragedy Shows That There Is Hope For Future Generations Of This Stricken Family And Demonstrates That Money Can Be Used To Buy Survival And Even Happiness An interesting read about the entire Getty family, from J Paul Getty s parents to his grandkids If you are expecting this to be like the movie of the same name, you will be dissapointed Other than the name and the characters, the book and the movie are completely different.

The other day I saw the movie All the Money in the World Filmed by Ridley Scott, the movie stars Michelle Williams and Christopher Plummer, who took over the role of J Paul Getty AFTER the filming had been finished He was put in to replace Kevin Spacey and I d love to read how the film s J Paul Getty s scenes were reshot and all the publicity material was changed Another story, I guess Anyway, the movie was excellent and I was intrigued by the Getty family, so I downloaded and read British author John Pearson s book, All the Money in the World, originally published as Painfully Rich in the mid 1990 s.
John Pearson s book covers the entire J Paul Getty family, from Getty s parents his father build up the family s first oil fortune to Getty s grandchildren The part about th They say that money can t buy you happiness, and jaysus this old sod personifies the expression Set on having all the money in the world and building an empire, yet never really seemed to enjoy it His family were left with the fallout and dysfunction that he had carefully created and the inevitable happened Perhaps in another generation or two they might actually have a genuinely happy life I think the further away they get from Paul Getty over time, the better chance they ll have.