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Download Epub Format ☆ Again, But Better PDF by ✓ Christine Riccio Shane Has Been Doing College All Wrong Pre Med, Stellar Grades, And Happy Parents Sounds Ideal But Shane S Made Zero Friends, Goes Home Every Weekend, And Romance What S That Her Life Has Been Dorm, Dining Hall, Class, Repeat Time S A Ticking, And She Needs A Change There S Nothing Like Moving To A New Country To Really Mix Things Up Shane Signs Up For A Semester Abroad In London She S Going To Right All Her College Mistakes Make Friends, Pursue Boys, And Find Adventure Easier Said Than Done She Is Soon Faced With The Complicated Realities Of Living Outside Her Bubble, And When Self Doubt Sneaks In, Her New Life Starts To Fall Apart Shane Comes To Find That, With The Right Amount Of Courage And Determination One Can Conquer Anything Throw In Some Fate And A Touch Of Magic The Possibilities Are Endless oh dear this story made me cringe so much, i now need to make an appointment with a chiropractor to work out the new tenseness in my shoulders.
to keep it brief, this book definitely tries way too hard im not a fan of the writing it has a low quality fan fiction vibe to it im not a fan of the characters shane is one of the most insufferably immature characters ive ever read im not a fan of the overly used pop culture references theres practically one on every page i actually thought the concept was cute but the execution leaves much to be desired there are so many other books that have done this kind of story once, but better 2 stars This review was plagiarized So, here we are again A booktuber writes a book and I receive an ARC of it.
And, yeah, it was bad.
Not a total trainwreck like Zenith, but still Bad.
I have seen A LOT of people saying that they will love this book regardless if it s good or not because they love Christine and that s fine, do what you want But it also means that I will be as brutally honest as I could be to even it out.
I believe that you should always judge a book based on the book and not the author but since this book is basically about the author and I will admit to not liking her very much that is basically impossible.
These are my opinions I am allowed to have opinions about stuff and things.
If you love Christine so much that you will be offended by criticism aimed towards her then kindly fuck off right now There is a lot of criticism to be found here Reading c

I knew I was going to love Again But Better well before I read it The idea of a girl travelling to London to study abroad at her second chance at college to study what she wants, make new friends, and achieve her goals is all I could have wanted to read about as a teenager I firmly believe that had I read this book at 17, it would be considered one of my favorite books of all time For this reason, it gave me a unique sense of nostalgia, despite this being a totally new story to me, which had a big influence on why I loved this story so much.
CW anxiety, cheatingI really liked Shane as a main character There resemblance to a certain good friend of mine who may have also authored this book is uncanny, so it would be hard for me not to like her as a protagonist Shane begins fairly naive, dramatic, and almost goofy, but as the stores spans a Unfortunately this one just wasn t for me, which is fine.
Things I likedThe character s voice was distinctly different in the 2 respective timelines While I originally found Shane far too naive, enthusiastic, and overdramatic for my liking as a twenty year old, the portions at age 26 made that choiceclear, as to establish maturity and character growth.
Great pacing The trips to different countries and the balance of time spent at home, at work, at school, and out with friends kept things interesting and dynamic.
Things I dislikedI was stoked originally to hear there was a small magical element to this, but the execution turned out to not result in quite what I was hoping for I know this is a romance, but by the time that magical element happened, I was banking on this second chance to really impact Shane s focus in life from her relationship toonto herself.
The inc

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