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Download Epub Format º Addicted To You PDF by ✓ Serena Grey Rachel And Landon S Story Continues In This Sequel To Drawn To YouIt Was Supposed To Be Just One Week, Just Sex, No Commitment, But Somewhere Along That Overwhelmingly Sexy Ride, Rachel Fell In Love With Landon There S Just One Problem, He Doesn T Do Commitment As Far As Landon Knows, They Have A Good Thing Going, And He S Not Willing To Let That Go So Rachel Can Either Tell Him How She Feels And Watch Him Walk Away, Or Keep It To Herself And Continue To Drown In Her Feelings For HimIt Hurts To Be With Him, But Being Without Him Hurts How Do You Make A Choice About Love, When There S Really No Choice At All Arc received in exchange for an honest review I have been waiting for the release of Addicted To You, book 2 in Swanson Court series If you haven t read book one, you need to start there, trust me you won t be disappointed I had the opportunity to read Serena Grey s Drawn to you, before its release, and I devoured it, so no surprise I m in total awe of Addicted To You by as well.
I m going to be as bold as to say Landon Court is my new Jackson Steele, or Gideon Cross He is a character that can melt your heart with his sweet words, while giving you butterflies in you tummy with his words His embodiment is power, sexual greed, arrogance and loving, but not in your run of the mill romance He comes with demons, attached to the death of his mother when he just 9 years old, since then he has partied like a bad boy, aquired the Swanson Court empire and slept his way through the 3.
5 Sultry StarsARC kindly Provided by AuthorThis is the second installment of the Swanson Court series Addicted To You picks up right where book one left off Rachel and Landon said goodbye after spending a beautiful and sexy week together She s walking away with the realization that she has fallen in love with the sexy hotelier but she knows he s scared of love and commitment so she rather walk away before getting in any deep Little does she know Landon wants and won t make it easy for her to walk away.
Rachel is trying to protect her heart and while she s trying to avoid Landon her ex Jack is suddenly showing great interest in her again So she finds herself battling her past and present feelings of love The Jack tries to get her back, the she realizes that she neve 2.
5 STARSI ve been a fan of Serena Grey s work since the beginning Her stories never fail to hold my attention and keep me coming back for Howeverthis second installment in the Swanson Court series left me wanting much Things literally picked up where the first book left off Rachel had just walked away from Landon, having felt he wasn t capable of commitment or loving her the way she loved him As Rachel comes to terms with how she feels and the consequences of sticking around vs leaving, she becomes embroiled in some seriously toxic turmoil Firstly, let me say that her initial reaction to her feelings for Landon were justified I think many women would feel the insecurity and doubt that comes with being with such a high profile man Considering Landon s history, Rachel was irrefutably correct in expecting him not to commit I ll emphasize A I was given this book in exchanged for an honest review I was very excited when I was asked to review this book I loved the first book of this series and even the short quick read about how Rachel and Landon first met The Hooker This book too me was not as good as the first one and I guess it s because of emotions on both parties Rachel breaks up with Landon because she wants from him and she keeps playing in her mind what other people say about him or the fact that he did tell that once a woman wants he breaks it off Rachel is in love with Landon and I thinks that he feels the same but she can t tell him be cause of how Jack reacted when she told him and I think Landon is the way he is because of his mother s death and how his was after she died I love this couple but they have a lack of communication between them and Addicted To You is the second book in the Swanson Court Series and picks up right were book one lets us off Rachel Foster has had her dream week with Landon Court, the week of no strings , no commitment sex, lots of incredible , earth shattering, mind and limb numbing sex, the best ever and to spite it all she is still walking away from Landon Does she want Hell yes But she is still going to walk away, because rather than take a chance and ask for , or tell Landon how she feels Rachel feels the only way to protect her heart from future hurt is to walk away now.
Does Rachel have baggage , hell yes Rachel was in love with her last boyfriend until Jack walked away after she told him she was in love to witch she spent two years being his friend , hoping he would realize what was in front of his face.
Meeting Landon, has made her forget all about Jack, except now tryin This was a little frustrating I wanted to kinda slap Rachel It give it the right amount drama to keep the story interesting, so I say kinda 3.
5 sweet dilemma starsreview to come.
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