↠´ A Marriage Most Scandalous (Scandalous Ballroom Encounters, #2) Ö Download by Ò Victoria Vale

↠´ A Marriage Most Scandalous (Scandalous Ballroom Encounters, #2) Ö Download by Ò Victoria Vale This one had me fanning my face Loved it We met Sheridan Cranfield in the last book so I am glad he gets his happy ending Sheridan has been told to always handle his wife carefully in the bedroom but he wants What he doesn t know is that she also wants in the bedroom She enlists the help of a madame, unfortunately someone sees her with the madame and a scandal ensues I enjoyed it Very steamy On to the next one.
After Being Turned Down By The Woman He Loves At The End Of The Season, The Wife Hunt Continues For Sheridan Cranfield When Cecily Montgomery Catches His Eye, He Knows That His Feelings For Her Are Far Deeper Than They Could Have Ever Been For The Woman Who Broke His HeartWinning Her Heart Will Not Present A Problem Conquering Her Body, However, Will Prove Another Challenge AltogetherA True Gentlemen, Sheridan Was Taught That A Man Must Treat His Wife With The Utmost Respect In The Bedchamber, And Only Slake His Most Salacious Desires With His Mistress While He Dreams Day And Night Of The Wicked Things He Wants To Do To Her, His Reticence Holds Him Back Resulting In A Dissatisfied BedmateCecily Adores Her Husband, But Wishes She Knew How To Draw Him Out Of His Shell Beneath His Polite And Refined Demeanor, She Sees The True Sheridan A Man With The Potential To Utterly Master Her Body And Fulfill Her Every FantasyEnter Madame Petra, A Skilled Courtesan Known By The Ton For Tutoring Couples In How To Please One Another With Her Help, Can Cecily Coax Her Husband Into Unleashing The Seductive Sexual Being Simmering Just Beneath The Surface Or Will Their Monotonous Bedroom Life Doom Them To An Amiable, But Lackluster Future More sex But also an interesting look at the wife whore dichotomy back in the 1800 s This one deals with a couple who really love each other but don t think they re allowed to show that in the bedroom When the wife enlists a madame to help her husband see the light, they are finally able to be the sex starved animals they were holding deep inside Warms your heart, really, to see them discover themselves And though there is a menage sexually, there is no love with the madame on any side, so there aren t any dramatics with people feeling things This was my first menage trope, and I was kind of wary about the trope, but this was good fun.
wanted gw kesel banget bacanya prosesnya dari gw ketiduran beberapa kali, trs gw mencoba ttp bertahan baca dan endingnya gw kesel banget keseeeelll pokoknya kwkwkwkw HEA si ttp sama istrinya tp ya gw kesel pokoknyakata reader pal gw lagian kalo kesel gak usah baca yg aneh2, jiwa lo blm siap buahahahahahah katanya itu adalah hal yg umum di FMF LOL Scandalous Ballroom Encounters Vol 1 An Erotic Historical Romance Box Set Kindle Edition Book 2 3 1 2

I love all of the fabulous Victoria Vale books I have read them all.
This one is no exception Her books are erotic, and some are witty, amazing story line and happily ever afters This one is about a handsome Sheridan Cranford is heartbroken over being turned down by his lady love Then he notices Cecily Montgomery and is attracted to her and luckily she feels the same.
They get married, but Cecily is unsatisfied in the marriage bed, she wants from her husband Sheridan being the gentleman that he is only makes love to his wife, but without the passion they both crave He believes those cracinge should only be exposed to a mistress or courtesan Cecily takes matters into her own hands and she seeks Madame Petra a courtesan She believes she can help her marriage I enjoyed this story, it had a great story line, and Ms Vale always prov Sheridan Cranfield married Cecily Montgomery after being turned down by the woman he thought he loved As a gentleman, Sheridan was taught to treat his wife with the utmost respect in the bedchamber and to slake his most wicked desires with his mistress Sheridan realizes that he wants to do the wicked things he dreams of with his wife and feels that he is going to dishonor Cecily.
Cecily starts to feel frustrated with her marriage She loves her husband but knows he is holding something back Cecily seeks out Madame Petra, a skilled courtesan, to tutor her how to please Sheridan Can Madame Petra help their marriage While I am not new to menage romance, this is the first FFM novel that I have read I am a huge fan of Victoria Vale, so I deci

Victoria Vale has written over two dozen Romance and Young Adult novels under various pseudonyms As a lover of erotic romance, she enjoys nothing than a sexy hero paired with a sassy heroine, flavored with a dash of spice and lots of heat A wife and mother of three, she enjoys reading of course , cooking, sewing and other activities that aren t appropriate for inclusion in a biography.