¸ "A" Is for Ox: The Collapse of Literacy and the Rise of Violence in an Electronic Age È Download by ê Barry Sanders

¸ "A" Is for Ox: The Collapse of Literacy and the Rise of Violence in an Electronic Age È Download by ê Barry Sanders Ger ekten ok etkileyici bir kitap Anlatt derin mevzulara ra men sizi s r kleyip giden ak c bir dili var iddetle tavsiye ederim Ayr ca evirmeni de tebrik etmek isterim ok bir eviri.
An outdated, Eurocentric, agist, logophilic and scopophilic critque of society The author goes so far as to blame rape, murder and the overall collapse of humanity on the decline of literacy, a decline which he has of yet not been able to prove Just because the publishing industry is in decline does not mean that youth are not reading as much as other generations, in fact, it can be argued that what the author calls the technological revolution has increased the amount of time youth spend reading and writing.
We Are So Used To Platitudes Intoning The Value Of Reading And Writing That We May Have Forgotten To Ask What Literacy Really Is In A Is For Ox, Barry Sanders Brilliantly Shows How The Answer To This Question Takes Us To The Heart Of The Twin Crises Of Youth Violence And Illiteracy By Reminding Us To Understand Reading And Writing As Cognitive And Social Acts, Sanders Places The Issue Of Literacy Squarely Where It Belongs At The Center Of Contemporary Social And Cultural Debate A Is For Ox Links Reading And Writing To The Most Fundamental Aspects Of Our Being The Construction Of The Self, Personal Identity, And Society S Capacity To Elicit Uncoerced Consent To The Social Contract A Is For Ox Is An Important And Impassioned Work That Demonstrates Why The Failure Of Increasing Numbers Of Young People To Attain Even Minimum Levels Of Literacy Signals A Catastrophe At The Deepest Levels Of Our Culture Illiteracy And The Growing Epidemic Of Youth Violence Are Not Finally Problems Of Schooling And Social Deviance, Sanders Argues, But Signals Of A Lost Connection Between The Human Voice And A Richly Articulated Social Experience Both Within The Family And Outside It This Profoundly Disturbing Break, He Shows, Has Been Brought About By Post Modern Society S Addiction To Electronic Images And Sounds As A Way Of Mediating Experience And Administering Satisfaction By Tracing The Long History Of Literacy In The West, Sanders Demonstrates How The Culture Of Electronic Media Is Drastically And Dangerously Reshaping Both Cognitive Development And Social Interaction In The Best Tradition Of Humanist Controversy From Jean Jacques Rousseau And John Dewey To George Steiner And Ivan Illich This Deeply Learned And Humane Work Offers Its Readers Essential Intellectual And Moral Engagement With The Technologies By Which We Choose To Know One Another And Ourselves There are some good points throughout the chapters but they all are concluded with bad judgements I can see how this book was important for its time and why these ideas were valid once, but to be fair now it sounds reductionist, etnocentric, and outdated.
To be a tad brutal, it s a poorly written OOC fanfiction of Orality and Literacy by Walter J Ong.
Easily one of the most cringeful reads I have ever experienced I can only recommend this book for the sole reason of learning from its faults and nothing.
I read this for a anthropology class in college It has some good insight into literate vs non literate cultures that I thought were interesting.
I really wanted to like this, but a lot of his arguments feel like a bit of a stretch It also jumped around a lot without a really logical thread It s definitely dated, which I can t fault it for, but I imagine the author must be really depressed these days with the direction of things.
This is a difficult book Sanders discusses, in 244 pages of exquisitely erudite prose, the likelihood that literacy has surely drained out of this our culture He stumbles, I think, in providing too much indeed, redundant detail about the dangerously harmful impact of conspicuous social ills like gangs and computer screen time and the bureaucratic failures of our education system on the very fundamental and essential human talents for reading and writing and imagination.
His arrows hit the target A is for Ox is an indictment of the permissive unraveling of our human society and civilization.
I do not hesitate to understand that Sanders is smarter than me I want to think that I m the kind of person for whom he wrote the book I will continue to struggle to understand what s happening to American society I think it s true that the subtle explanations can t be found on the Google.
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