Download Epub Format Ó A Cultural Dictionary of Punk, 1974-1982 PDF by ↠´ Nicholas Rombes

Download Epub Format Ó A Cultural Dictionary of Punk, 1974-1982 PDF by ↠´ Nicholas Rombes Both dry and self indulgent Umm.
A fairly interesting dissertation on the cultural miasma of the punk scene at large So specific it becomes vague, so pinpoint focused that it misses almost everything, so professionally written that it looks like a proofreader never even glanced at the thing It s a great piece of contradiction, and the subject really requires nothingGets great props in my book for focusing on some of theunjustly overlooked and uncanonized acts of the punk movement Pere Ubu, Penetration, The Vibrators, The Only Ones though I can t help but wonder just why the author hates The Clash so much fuck the purists, London Calling is a great record It s an absolute mess which it fully admits to throughout its entries and it s absolutely worth poring over.
Neither A Dry As Dust Reference Volume Recycling The Same Dull Facts Nor A Gushy, Gossipy Puff Piece, A Cultural Dictionary Of Punk Is A Bold Book That Examines Punk As A Movement That Is Best Understood By Placing It In Its Cultural Field It Contains Myriad Critical Listening Descriptions Of The Sounds Of The Time, But Also Places Those Sounds In The Context Of History Drawing On Hundreds Of Fanzines, Magazines, And Newspapers, The Book Is In The Spirit Of Punk An Obsessive, Exhaustively Researched, And Sometimes Deeply Personal Portrait Of The Many Ways In Which Punk Was An Artistic, Cultural, And Political Expression Of DefianceA Cultural Dictionary Of Punk Is Organized Around Scores Of Distinct Entries, On Everything From Lester Bangs To The Slits, From Jimmy Carter To Minimalism, From Dot Dash To Bad Brains Both Highly Informative And Thrillingly Idiosyncratic, The Book Takes A Fresh Look At How The Malaise Of The S Offered Fertile Ground For Punk As Well As The New Wave, Post Punk, And Hardcore To Emerge As A Rejection Of The Easy Platitudes Of The Dying Counter Culture The Organization Is Accessible And Entertaining Short Bursts Of Meaning, In Tune With The Beat Of Punk ItselfRombes Upends Notions That The Story Of Punk Can Be Told In A Chronological, Linear Fashion Meant To Be read Straight Through Or Opened Up And Experienced At Random, A Cultural Dictionary Of Punk Covers Not Only Many Of The Well Known, Now Legendary Punk Bands, But The Obscure, Forgotten Ones As Well Along The Way, Punk S Secret Codes Are Unraveled And A Critical Time In History Is Framed And ExclaimedVisit The Cultural Dictionaryof Punk Blog Here Se queda con tres estrellas por no dedicar una entrada a los Stranglers De verg enza.
Menos mal que al autor no le gustan Sonic Youth.
Self indulgent, sure But I am regularly curious about what the academics say about the music subculture that I feel fairly steeped in.
This one s easier than most to read since it s short essays and the writer gets personal without being cloying and critical without being hectoring Like a good conversation as you wait for the bands to show up it s not nearly as visceral as the actual music but I enjoy the human connection.
Very interesting read I was already familiar with Patti Smith, Tom Verlaine, Richard Hell, etc, but there was a lot of information about a few punk bands I had never heard of.
I wanted this book because I actually know the author, Nicholas Rombes, from UDM It is a great reference for people who like the punk music scene, and it has a number of photos to go with the entries of each band.

The codification of punk rock is an absurd notion I love it So many great things about this book What I liked best was that Nick Rombes seems to have written exactly the book he wanted to write You want basic info Go to wikipedia, sez Rombes Arranged like an encyclopedia, some entries take the form of lists, some of presumably fictional encounters, some of personal recollections All entries are completely idiosyncratic The most dedicated fan of punk will learn something from these idiosyncrasies Why no entries on Stiv Bators from my hometown , Saturday Night Live, Johnny Thunders, or Chipmunk Punk My own idiosyncratic wish list Not a critique of the book, which is absolutely as odd, useful, and provocative prepare to disagree with his thoughts on punk s relationship to 1980s conservativism as it could be.
A surprisingly reveltory and readable book on punk and its relationship to the broader culture Made me pull out a lot of old records, and seek out some stuff I d missed as a Detroit Cleveland guy, I enjoyed the emphasis on such terrific bands as Rocket From The Tombs and the first two Stooges albums I ve been listening to Peter Laughner for the past week non stop.